Wadi bashing by 4 WD

Tour is by 4-wheel drive vehicles (closed and air-conditioned). Participation is limited. Driving is partially on the wadi. One English speaking guide will provide explanation before entering into wadi; otherwise, vehicles will have drivers with a limited command of English.

At 0915 hrs you will be met by your tour guide and driver who will escort you to the waiting 4 WD vehicles. Board the 4 WD vehicles and proceed for a soft adventure trip to wadi Al Khoud for wadi bashing. You will drive past the city and Muscat airport to arrive at a view point overlooking the Fanja Village for a photo stop. After this stop you will return to your 4 WD vehicles and continue the drive. After driving through the town you will arrive at the wadi, from where you will experience the drive over the rocky beds on the bumpy tracks sometimes splashing the water.

All along the wadi you will see small farms and lots of date plantation. During the ride you will see water pump been kept by the farmer to pump the water from the wadi to the plantations. After having enjoyed the wadi ride, you will break in a small area near the rocks where an open Majlis would be placed for you if you wsh to relax. Here you will be served soft drinks/ water, fruits and cookies. After enjoying this you will return to your vehicle and proceed on your return journey to Muscat. You now drive through the town of Fanja and see some small beautiful houses built by the locals and also shops selling earthern ware and daily household items. Continue drive enjoying the natural beauty with the back drop of the beautiful mountain landscape before arriving at the port After an exiting tour of Wadi Al Khoud we return to the port to board the cruise.

Note: the number of participants are limited to 100 guests in 25 4 WD vehicles only.

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