Water Sports

Jet Ski

Feel the power of wind and water, the ultimate experience of cruising the waves. Jet ski is available as regular 2 skis or as competition jet ski for one person, which requires previous experience.

Water ski

Have fun on Skis, gliding through the water. We have special learning sets for children 5-8 and 9-12 years old and a learning video that is shown before the first attempt which relaxes the junior champions and makes the first steps much, much easier.

Aqua Bike

Paddle through water on a Giant Bicycle, alone or in double. It is a cardiovascular exercise as good as biking!

Tube ride

Our latest model has two separate moulds for one passenger, each with two handles. They are safe and fun, especially when pulled by its own gravity out from the wake of the boat, picking up an enormous speed.

Banana ride

Ride the waves at high speed on a Banana Tube, which is towed by a motor boat and can seat up to 5 persons.

Peddle boat

Enjoy quietly peddling over the calm waters at Al Sawadi beach and overlooking the Tower.


Feel the gliding water as you row the waves. Make it to the Sawadi Isles and back and you have had a good exercise.