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Project Description

Golden Sands: Day in desert 

The golden sands excursion is filled with excitement right from the start. You will be driving to the Sharqiya region, then to the great desert of Oman called the “Rimlat Al Wahiba”, an awe-inspiring ‘sea’ of golden sands. Our experienced guide will give you the thrill of dune driving as you enter this ten thousand square kilometer of beautiful sand.

Home to much wildlife and the traditional, incredibly hospitable Bedouin people. This is adventure travel at its very best. The Wahiba Sands stretch some 180km from north to south and 80km from east to west. This is ‘ramlat’, the Arabic word used to describe a desert of dunes, many of which here exceed 100m in height. After having spent some time here you will leave for Wadi Bani Khalid which stands in contrast to the desert with clear natural green water pool. You will drive past several houses embedded along the mountain. This place is where you will see dates and banana plantation in abundance; you can go for a short trek before breaking in for a nice picnic lunch on direct payment. After lunch drive to Muscat giving an end to this awe-inspiring tour of the desert and wadi.

If you’re in town for a short time or if you are pursuing a leisure activity, we suggest to take up the Golden Sands tour for getting the most of your holiday! It gives you a great opportunity to visit gorgeous landscapes, enjoy fun-filled activities and capture beautiful pictures!

Get in touch with us if you found this tour interesting and are looking to add more value to your holiday in Oman and allow us to be a small part of your next big adventure!

Tour details

Tour type:                            Adventure

Duration:                                   9 hours

Participants:                      1-8 persons

Price:                                               $229

Locations:                                 Wahiba

Difficulty:                                       Easy

Requirements:                             None