Grand Canyon: The mountains

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Project Description

Grand Canyon: The mountains

This rocky, adventurous, and thrilling tour brings an exciting day for you as you drive to the interior of Oman. You will first make a stop in Nizwa town to visit the Nizwa Fort, hailed as a monument to Omani architectural ingenuity. It is also one of the Sultanate’s finest historical edifices. After the visit to the fort, you will proceed to the souq famous for its silver jewelry and pottery. Later continue to the Grand Canyon of Oman, 3000 meters high.  En route halt for a photo stop at Misfah, an ancient yet picturesque mountain village.  

Whilst making our way to Jebel Shams (sun mountain, also known as Grand Canyon) you will be able to see the ‘terrace farming’ of Wadi Ghul.  Stunning views await you at the top of Jabal Shams.  Enjoy walking around in the village/grand canyon before proceeding for lunch on direct payment in the Jabal Shams camp. After lunch, spend a little more time walking around and taking photographs of this stunning beauty, drive back to Muscat.

If you’re in town for a short time or if you are pursuing a leisure activity, we suggest to take up the Grand Canyon tour for getting the most of your holiday! It gives you a great opportunity to view some stunning sceneries and some heritage sites of the country.

Get in touch with us if you found this tour interesting and are looking to add more value to your holiday in Oman and allow us to be a small part of your next big adventure!

Tour details

Tour type:       Impression/Adventure

Duration:                                   9 hours

Participants:                      2-8 persons

Price:                                               $229

Locations:                        Jebel Shams

Difficulty:                                       Easy

Requirements:                             None