Seafari: Dolphin Watching

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Project Description

Seafari: Dolphin Watching

At a pre-fix time, you will proceed from your hotel to the old town near Sidab to the Marina Bander Al Rowdha, where you will meet the boat caption who will escort you to the waiting boat to depart for an exciting Dolphin watching trip. You will leave the marina and head towards the sea in search of this mammal in the Omani waters. Not every trip guarantees a dolphin sighting, but the chances of missing them are rare. The captain of the boat coordinates with the other boat captain to ensure that you are taken to the right place to see the playful dolphins in their natural habitat. During the usual dolphin watching trips, other most regularly seen species are the spinner and common dolphins. After an exciting trip into the sea and seeing the dolphins and sometimes if you are lucky, whales you will return to the quay and drive back to the hotel.

If you’re in town for a short time or if you are pursuing a leisure activity, we suggest to take up the Seafari tour for getting the most of your holiday! It gives you a great opportunity to watch the fascinating marine creatures at its best and most natural state.

Get in touch with us if you found this tour interesting and are looking to add more value to your holiday in Oman and allow us to be a small part of your next big adventure!

Tour details

Tour type:                           Impression

Duration:                                   3 hours

Participants:                      2-8 persons

Price(SIC):                                         $75

Locations:                    Marina Bandar

Difficulty:                                       Easy

Requirements:                             None