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Check through some frequently asked questions and send us a message.

Yes. A tourist visa is required to visit Oman. The following list of countries are eligible for a visa on arrival. All other nationalities are required to obtain a visa before their departure to Oman. We take care of your visa hassles when you book with us!
Yes. Apart from the usual prohibitions regulated by airport authorities, Drones and other flying gadgets are currently banned in Oman. However, drone laws are constantly changing so it is best to check current laws. For further reading on prohibited items please visit this site.
Yes. Children are more than welcome to travel to Oman. The beautiful natural landscapes are sure to make children have a great time! Please check our policy for different pricing options for hotel accommodations when accompanying children.
Yes. We are always striving to bring you great tours at the most reasonable prices. We make sure to understand your interests and discuss budget to provide you with the best experiences for your holiday in Oman while keeping it all wallet-friendly!
From October to April is ideal for a touring the country. The temperatures are extremely pleasant with 15-25 degrees Celcius in most parts of the country. The desert and mountains do have lower temperatures during the nights but are still thoroughly enjoyable.
Yes. Unmetered taxis and buses are available in the cities to travel around. The prices aren’t fixed and it’s best to enquire regular prices before using taxis.
Yes. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted across the country. Restaurants, shops, petrol stations etc. all have the facility to swipe your cards. However, make sure to know the conversion rates and fees before you use your cards.
Yes. English is spoken at all shops and restaurants. Also, most locals understand and speak English. However, it is best to learn a few words of Arabic to improve your understanding with locals and often get discounted rates!
Yes. There are service providers as you exit the airport. Take a sim card using your passport/visa for a small price and you can immediately start using the new number. Local SMS and call rates are cheap and 4G internet is available with all sim cards.
Arabic cuisine is the local favorite and is best served at the Kargeen Caffe, Turkish House, and Turkish Diwan restaurants. Their mezze platters are our personal recommendations!
Yes. Restaurants and shops are open all days. Shops usually are open from 10 AM to 9 PM and restaurants are usually open for business in the afternoon until 11 PM. It is important to note that during Ramadan the timings vary for restaurants. It is also an offense to consume food and beverages in public until evening during Ramadan.