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    Dolphin Watching

Whale and dolphin watching trips can be life-changing experiences. That is why so many people go on trips every year. Keeping whales and dolphins in tanks for our entertainment is wrong and so WDC positively encourages you to go and see these amazing creatures in the wild where they belong. And Oman is among one of the best places for dolphin watching. It offers fantastic opportunities to see these creatures in all their majestic glory. The best trips and operators have respect for dolphins and the places in which they live, but not all operators have their best interests in mind. 

Dolphin & Whale watching should benefit them as well as the environment, which means taking great care, limiting the time spent near the animals and providing an educational experience. Dolphins can be incredibly energetic, even acrobatic – you may witness spy hopping (raising the head vertically out of the water); breaching (leaping clear of the water and landing with a loud splash); bow riding (riding on the pressure wave created ahead of the bow of a vessel); pec-slapping (raising a pectoral fin out of the water and slapping it noisily down); lob tailing (forcefully slapping the fluke, or tail fin, against the surface of the water).

All facilities are priced well and are sure to offer a fantastic experience for all marine lovers. It is offered on SIC basis and you will be a part of a group. However, we do offer a private tour as well which is charged differently. This activity can also be coupled with a Muscat city tour to get well acquainted with the city and take your visit to Muscat to another level! Though dolphin watching is possible any time of the year, it is only possible to see them during the day. So tours generally start early morning and are sure to make the rest of the day just go great!

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Tour details

Tour type:                           Impression

Duration:                               2-4 hours

Participants:                      1-8 persons

Price(per person):            $75  |  $550

Locations:                                 Multiple

Difficulty:                                        Easy

Requirements:                              None

Best Time:                      All year round